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Chelsea – Thiago Silva disappointed for PSG

Nine months after his first C1 final and his departure from PSG, Thiago Silva offers himself a second chance with Chelsea. Without blaming Paris.

He is back. Nine months after his first Champions League final lost with Paris Saint-Germain against Bayern Munich (0-1), Thiago Silva offers himself a second chance with Chelsea, real Madrid scorer (2-0, 1-1 ) in the semi-finals.

“Unfortunately, Paris failed to do the job”

It will be against Manchester City, who have just released Paris Saint-Germain, a club from which Thiago Silva desperately awaited an extension offer last year, before finally receiving one when he had already signed up with Chelsea. For many it may sound like some sort of revenge for the Brazilian, just like for Thomas Tuchel, who was fired last winter.

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“It’s special for us. Unfortunately, Paris did not manage to do the job on Tuesday. It was sad for the players and for me. We are happy here. (…) I think that here It’s different because every weekend, we play a Champions League match. At the end, you’re better prepared for the match, “he said at RMC Sport’s microphone.

A huge slap for Leonardo

Thiago Silva then assured to have no resentment towards PSG, but some words still prove that the former Milanese remains marked: “Revenge for Tuchel and me? No, it’s not revenge. The club decided to let me go and release Tuchel too. But I think… It’s hard to explain. They did these. choice, for me it was sad “, added Thiago Silva.

“But the most important thing is that we are happy here at Chelsea. I hope we can win the Champions League this year, that’s our dream”, concluded the former captain of PSG. A title for Tuchel and Thiago Silva in C1, it would also be a huge slap for the Parisian sports director, Leonardo, responsible for their departures. Not to mention a possible success for Edinson Cavani in the Europa League with Manchester United …

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