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Chelsea-Porto (0-1) – “Fuck you”, the heated exchange between Tuchel and Conceição

After the meeting between Chelsea and Porto, the tone rose between the two coaches.

According to the revelations of Portuguese sports daily Record , Thomas Tuchel would have insulted Sergio Conceição at the end of the meeting, sending a “fuck off” (“Go fuck you” in vf) to his Portuguese counterpart.

“I was insulted by this man. I told the head referee that his assistant heard the insults. It was not pretty, and my nervousness at the end of the meeting has something to do with it ” , said Sergio Conceição in a post-match interview.

For his part, Thomas Tuchel preferred to play appeasement: “It was just a little muddle between him and me. Nothing serious. ”

The tension between the two coaches is probably related to the end of the game between the two teams. Porto opened the scoring in stoppage time and only one goal was missing for the Portuguese club to snatch extra time. In the end, despite their 1-0 victory, Porto are eliminated because Chelsea had won 2-0 in the first leg (both matches were played on neutral ground in Seville due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

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