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Ceferin: “There won’t be a Superleague for at least 10 years”

UEFA president Aleksandr Ceferin believes there will be no more Superleague proposal for at least a decade.

UEFA was shaken last month by the announcement of the creation of the Superleague by 12 dissident clubs. In the end, this project was stillborn and the authorities of European football were able to breathe and return to their occupations.

UEFA President Aleksandr Ceferin spoke about this episode in an interview with L’Equipe. He first indicated that it was bad for good: “I was sorry the day I learned of the creation of the Super League, at the end of a conspiracy led by a few clubs. But, in the end, it’s very good that it happened, because it clarified the situation in European football. I was under a lot of stress, but in the end things got back to normal. “

Then, to the question if he fears that a new project of this kind will emerge in the near future, his answer was as follows: ” Never say never. But I think that this project will not be put back on the table at least in the next ten years ”.

The Slovenian then brought up the case of the three clubs which still remain attached to the Superleague and which have just been the subject of disciplinary proceedings : “For the whole of the football ‘family’, their attitude is shocking and unacceptable. “

Rumors have suggested that FIFA President Gianni Infantino supported the creation of the Super League. Ceferin wants to believe that this is just a simple invention without any foundation: “He told me that neither he nor anyone at FIFA had participated in meetings with the clubs that were preparing for the Super League, that he did not know anything about this project and that he had therefore not supported it . I have no reason not to believe it. No FIFA president can support such a project (…) He told me no. If we have evidence of these conversations, I will be able to comment on them. “

Ceferin in favor of a Final 4 in the Champions League

Finally, Ceferin also spoke about the new formula of the Champions League. “The reform is as much in favor of the big clubs as of the small ones, he thundered. They will all have more matches. It’s always tempting to see conspiratorial theories, but it’s wrong. The competition will be more interesting ”.

And as regards the idea of ​​a Final 4 from the semi-finals, the successor of Michel Platini confided: “We are discussing it, but it is not decided. We liked the “final 8” last year in Portugal. But a “final 8” is over two weeks and that’s too much. For “a final 4”, after 2024, there are advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it can be a fantastic event with a football week complemented by other events like concerts. But we lose matches, especially at home, for the clubs. The televisions would also have fewer meetings. There are financial and marketing issues to be addressed. But I, personally, would like it to happen. I am in favor of a “final 4” in the Champions League. It could be great. And effective in terms of revenue if done right. But everyone has to give their point of view. “

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