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Ceferin gives a layer on the Super League: “Selfish people try to kill the beautiful game”

In his speech to the UEFA Congress, Aleksander Ceferin put on a layer to tackle the 12 clubs behind the Super League.

Since the announcement of the creation of the Super League, European football has split into two parts. On the one hand, the twelve founding clubs of the Super League, on the other hand UEFA and FIFA, which are against this competition. Aleksander Ceferin raised the tone on Monday, as did Gianni Infantino, in order to reason with European clubs and make them reconsider their idea of ​​creating the Super League. During his introductory speech to the UEFA Congress, the UEFA president gave a layer about the Super League, accusing the twelve clubs of selfishness.

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“This crisis in the Super League will make us stronger. We will not doubt. We are invincible. For some, the fans have turned into customers and the competitions into products. For some, missing out on qualifying for the Champions League is not no longer a sporting failure but an industrial disaster and they no longer want to take the risk. They have forgotten that football is unpredictable and that is what makes this sport so beautiful “, analyzed Aleksander Ceferin.

“Where was Manchester United in the decade before Sir Alex Ferguson arrived? Where was Juventus 15 years ago? In Serie B if I remember correctly … If the clubs that dominated European football ago more than 30 years had decided to create a Super League, what would that have turned out? Nottingham Forest, Porto, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Steaua Bucharest, Red Star Belgrade for example. It would also have been a Super League. Football is changing, some don’t see it, they only see it in their bank account“, added the UEFA president.

“They are trying to take advantage of the plight to steal the football from us”

Gianni Infantino Florentino Pérez Ceferin

Aleksander Ceferin invites the biggest clubs to reconsider their decision: “These clubs which think they are big and untouchable, if they are European giants, it is also thanks to UEFA, which has guaranteed the organization of fair competitions. Where would they be without UEFA? They are trying to take advantage of the plight to steal the football from us. They want to privatize football, one of the last common goods. We are ready, we expected it, it is not a surprise. We will develop our idea, which we have been working on for 2 years “.

Klopp: “My opinion of the Super League has not changed”

“You made a big mistake, some say it’s greed, ignorance or whatever. What matters is there is still time to back down. mistakes in life. Change your mind (…) Are we going to allow them to steal football? No, you can believe me, we won’t let them. Change your mind for the good of football. We cannot lose this match. There will be no compromise on the model voted for the new Champions League format. There will be more matches, more opportunities for the little ones to believe in their dream “, added the UEFA president.

“Gentlemen and ladies, with these reforms, we are building the football of the future while the selfish try to kill the beautiful game. Humans can choose between their own interests and solidarity. You, we, have chosen solidarity. the right choice, the one we will never regret. Which will allow us to emerge from this crisis stronger. Football thanks you“, concluded Aleksander Ceferin.

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