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Camavinga, the reasons for the slack

Bruno Génésio commented on Eduardo Camavinga’s current level of form.

Flamboyant a few months ago, Eduardo Camavinga is going through a somewhat less prosperous period. Despite these new difficulties, Bruno Génésio remains calm for the nugget of Stade Rennais.

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“Media exposure, expectations are higher”

He is a player who has tremendous potential. Afterwards, a lot of things happened to him in a very short time for a very young player., explained the technician in an interview with West France. And we all know that after these periods, there are things to digest sometimes, which make it possible to have a little less well. (…) The media exposure, the expectations, can be higher vis-à-vis the media, vis-à-vis the public, vis-à-vis teammates, vis-à-vis everyone. And it is perhaps more that which is difficult to manage and to digest, especially when one is 18 or 19 years old. “

But it is also a necessary step in a career and it is his ability to bounce back that will be interesting., continued the former Lyon coach. And that’s also it, being a great player because all great players have difficult times in their careers, including the greatest. And the bigger ones bounce back very quickly and I think Cama is showing that he is able to bounce back very quickly since his performances over the last three games that I have had the chance to coach are very interesting. He can still do better, but they are very interesting ”.

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