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Buffon is in great demand

Despite his advanced age, Gianluigi Buffon is not short of proposals for the rest of his career.

Gianluigi Buffon is no longer a Juventus goalkeeper. The seasoned porter said goodbye to the Old Lady at the end of the 2020/2021 season. At 43, the 2006 world champion could have decided to hang up the gloves, but he is giving himself a few days to think about what he is going to do. The many proposals he has received lately make him hesitate between playing another year or stopping his career for good.

Buffon is spoiled for choice

According to The Gazzetta dello Sport, the former Parisian has the opportunity to finish his journey where he started to know it in Parma. But the Emilia-Romagna club has just gone down to Serie B, which is not necessarily attractive for a final challenge. On the other hand, the interested party also has an offer from Olympiakos, the flagship club of Greece., as well as two proposals from Brazil. As a reminder, during the past campaign, he played a total of 14 games, including the victorious one for Coppa Italia.

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