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Bruges-PSG – Marquinhos: “We talk every day about the importance of this competition”

The Brazilian defender of PSG confides in his ambitions and his relationship with Messi.

Did you make a special speech to your partners before the start of this competition?

“Not especially, we talk every day about the importance of this competition. Everyone is aware of it. We are focusing on this game which will already be very important for us.”

Are you under more pressure this season?

“I think the pressure we know it all year round, especially when you play for PSG. It’s true that with the squad that we have, people will talk even more, watch us. We are quiet. It’s really nice to have them with us. There is only positive. “

Assuming the three in front are lined up, are you going to tell them if they are not doing enough defensive duties?

“Of course. Everyone will know what to do on the pitch. We don’t yet know who will play but we’re talking about experienced players who know what they have to do. On the pitch, in the locker room between teammates, if things don’t go well, it must be said. “

A word about your opponent against whom it went rather well when you last came here …

“I hope it will go well like last time. We came to look for points because we are in a very tough group and we know that all the matches will be decisive. We are facing a team that runs a lot, which offers lots of solutions and that got us in trouble the last time we came here, especially during the first half. “

As captain did you have a particular speech with Messi?

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“I did not have any particular speech With Messi, we talk about football, training, strategy. And it is not only with him. Besides, I did not have any particular speech with the other players on the team. I am certainly a captain and I set an example, that’s how I like to show that I am a captain. “

In your opinion, are PSG the team to beat?

“No, I’m not going to come here to say that PSG is the team to beat. I’ll leave that for you, for the supporters, we’re here to fight on the pitch.”

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