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Belgium, Roberto Martinez justifies the presence of Eden Hazard

The Belgium coach has defended the choices to have included Eden Hazard and Axel Witsel in the list of 26.

Roberto Martinez is a man of his word and has strong shoulders. This Monday, the Belgium coach unveiled his list of 26 for Euro 2020 and the latter did not dismantle when announcing the presence of Eden Hazard, very regularly injured with Real Madrid for two seasons. , and Axel Witsel, absent for several months due to an injury. At a press conference, Roberto Martinez began by justifying the presence of Eden Hazard in his list.

Euro 2020 – The list of 26 of Belgium with Eden Hazard

“The situation with Eden is very confidential. We know exactly where he is. I think the medical condition has been the best he has had in a long time and we are delighted with the level of his condition now. We must be. aware of the importance that Eden represents to the team, he is our captain and the way he plays when he is in the national team is essential and vital. it is important that he ends the season strong with the Real Madrid so that he can return to a level close to his best form in the coming weeks “, analyzed the Belgian coach.

The selection of the Real Madrid winger can be understandable when taking into account his experience with the Red Devils as well as his performances in the club and in the national team. If Eden Hazard is in good shape for the duration of the competition, he will be a big help for Belgium. Axel Witsel’s presence may be more surprising to the general public, but Roberto Martinez has claimed he gave his word to the BVB midfielder.

“We are stronger than in 2018”

Eden Hazard Belgium

“To be clear, in the current situation we do not expect anything in particular from Axel. We took the time and I have complete confidence in my medical staff, we have come to a crucial moment in the process. decision, but the final decision concerning him will be taken on June 11. We want to take the maximum time to make a final decision and we want to give Axel the necessary time to continue his revalidation and see if it is in fact or not “, said the former Everton coach.

Messi and Hazard, the biggest losers of 2021

“Today is not the time to make a decision about Axel Witsel, but the day to designate the list of 26 players who will make up the Euro squad. That’s why we added a roster of 11 players in case there is a problem in the coming weeks. Axel deserves to be in the squad for what he has done and the work he has done from a medical point of view . We are confident about the evolution of his condition “, concluded the Belgian coach.

In an interview with the Tribune, in the wake, Roberto Martinez also displayed his ambitions: “We are stronger than in 2018. Already because there are more players. We could change players in the team and we would be just as strong. And then there was the emotion of having been beaten and to win at the last World Cup with this small final. We have gained experience and we will be able to put it to good use. (…) It is important that the players continue to indicate in which direction to go. This generation dorée will still be present for years to come and they will have an influence for 20-25 years. They will prepare the next future generations, by being coaches or otherwise “.

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