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Bayern-PSG (2-3) – Mauricio Pochettino: “The credit goes to the players”

After the victory of PSG against Bayern, Mauricio Pochettino wanted to salute the performance of his players.

It is a happy Mauricio Pochettino who presented himself at the microphone of our colleagues from RMC Sport after the 3 goals to 2 victory for PSG in Munich: “I am happy with the result, with the attitude of the team. is found in difficult situations against the best team in Europe. We must congratulate the players for their sense of sacrifice, we are trying to repeat this kind of performance.

What was your game plan?
When you win, it’s always easier to explain your decisions, everyone thinks you made the right choices. But the credit goes to the players, they are the main players, it is their quality that must be highlighted. There were a lot of sacrifices tonight. But we still have one game, 90 minutes to play, the first leg is favorable but the return will be difficult as we know.

How is Marquinhos?
“He felt pain in his adductors, we hope it’s not serious and that he will be available quickly. “

How to approach the return?
“It’s a totally different result from the first leg against Barça, the advantage is there as small as possible. We hope that our performance on the return will be better than against Barcelona, ​​that’s our desire. But there is always a mountain of elements to take into account to obtain a result … “

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