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Bayern Munich-PSG – Pochettino: “Neymar must channel himself”

After the expulsion of Neymar against Lille, his coach, Mauricio Pochettino hopes that he will control his nerves against Bayern.

For Mauricio Pochettino, it is a great challenge that awaits PSG, Wednesday evening, at 9:00 p.m., in Munich, during the quarter-final first leg of the Champions League.

The coach, who spoke at length about the shock to come during the pre-match press conference, also returned to the expulsion of Neymar against Lille. If he considers red undeserved, he expects more from his player when it comes to his behavior on the pitch.

What are PSG’s chances against Bayern?
“I believe that in knockout matches there is a possibility for each team. Bayern is European champion, world champion, we know his value. We want to win this trophy, so we want to win this game. We have confidence in our strengths. “

How to beat Bayern?
“Each team has its characteristics, Bayern are a well organized team with a high defensive line. His offensive players can throw off balance and make the difference, it’s up to us to make sure we don’t lose the ball in dangerous areas. “

Will PSG need a great Mbappé and a great Neymar to pass?
“We are focusing a lot on Mbappé and Neymar, but the eleven players who will start tomorrow will be responsible for doing everything to help us win. “

A three-way midfielder against Bayern?
“Even the players don’t know it, we still have training tonight, we’ll see tomorrow. It’s a possibility, but we can also stay in two circles. “

Can Kehrer be the holder?
“I don’t like to talk about individuals, especially before such an important game. Regarding the name mentioned, I can feel it, but we’ll see tomorrow, we’ll try to make the best choices for the team, to try to win. “

Can the final lost in 2020 motivate your players?
“No, it’s not a benchmark match for us. We weren’t there with my staff, we were just spectators. In addition, it is over two matches that it will be played, the context is different. Sporting revenge still exists, but for us it’s more of a challenge to beat such a strong team, maybe the best in the world. “

Uncertain players before the meeting?
“All the players in the group can claim to start the match. Danilo recovered well during the break. “

Is it easier to beat a Bayern without Lewandowski?
“The strength of Bayern is its collective, its workforce. When you win the C1 and the World Club, it’s because you have a very good group, not just eleven performing players. We are talking about Lewandowski and Gnabry who are very good players, but we also have absentees like Icardi and Verratti. After that, it is certain that for them, it is absences that weigh heavily. “

What is your feeling on the expulsion of Neymar against Lille?
“After six weeks he was very excited to start a game. He’s an emotional player, he likes to play, he likes to fight, he’s a competitor. He did not deserve this red, he was excluded for various reasons, but he knows he has to channel himself. I hope that tomorrow everything will be fine, that we can have a very good game and that the whole team will come out with the performance that we hope for. “

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