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Barça’s latest shameful offer for Neymar

Barça’s latest offer for Neymar borders on the ridiculous, but has the merit of existing …

Barca are not afraid of ridicule and are not afraid to dare, as demonstrated by the Catalan club’s latest proposal to try to repatriate Neymar. The Spanish team, which tows just over a billion euros in debt, has attempted an indecent proposal to recover its old property according to indiscretions emanating from the Spanish press. All in all, Barça is trying to raise 100 million euros for the Brazilian international. An amount that the Blaugrana leaders can not even present entirely in cash.

Barca’s indecent proposal for Neymar

The Catalan club will thus advance an amount estimated at 60 million euros accompanied by several players to convince PSG to “return” the star according to Rac1. The identity of the players concerned has not been leaked for the moment. This has nothing to do with Barça’s previous exchange + cash offer, with a peaking sum at the time (in 2019) at € 150m. The Covid_19 has been there and Neymar is now 29 years old, according to the logic of this offer revised downwards and which is not likely to take Barça very far …

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