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Barça’s huge blunder on Depay

In their pursuit of Memphis Depay, Barca made a rookie mistake.

In his pursuit of Memphis Depay, Barça put the cart before the horse. Eager to acquire the Batavian international since last summer, the Catalan club is opposed to Juventus Turin and is struggling to secure the services of the player at the end of his contract with OL. But confidence reigns. A little too much besides, because Barça have already started selling the jerseys of the former Manchester United player.

Depay’s jersey already on sale at Barça

The screenshots of this blunder were relayed by several Internet users on social networks. After this monumental error, the club shop site had some problems for a few moments and finally, the shirt in question was withdrawn from sale. But Barça fans were able to see the price of Depay’s jersey, which peaks at 160 €. It remains to know what Lyon leaders think about it …

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