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Barça steals first place from Real, PSG enters the top 10!

The ranking of the most valuable clubs has fallen! Real Madrid lose their first place to FC Barcelona.

A new club now dominates the football world. The ranking of clubs with the highest market value established by Forbes fell and the FC Barcelona steals the number 1 spot at Real Madrid.

For the first time, FC Barcelona is at the top of the list Forbes of the 20 best-valued football teams in the world, relegating the real Madrid in second place. The Catalan club, valued at 4.76 billion dollars, is narrowly ahead of Real Madrid (4.75 billion dollars). Real Madrid (5 times) and Manchester United (11 times) have monopolized the top spot in the previous 16 years.

The average value of clubs is $ 2.28 billion. An average that has greatly increased with 30% growth since the last ranking published 2 years ago.

The 10 clubs with the highest market value

  1. FC Barcelona: $ 4.76 billion
  2. Real Madrid: $ 4.75 billion
  3. Bayern Munich: $ 4.215 billion
  4. Manchester United: $ 4.2 billion
  5. Liverpool: $ 4.1 billion
  6. Manchester CIty: 4 billion
  7. Chelsea: 3.2 billion
  8. Arsenal: 2.8 billion
  9. Paris Saint-Germain: 2.5 billion
  10. Tottenham: 2.3 billion

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