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Barca remain confident in Depay

FC Barcelona still has the hope of recruiting Memphis Depay, despite the pack of competitors that there is on this file.

FC Barcelona was overtaken by PSG on the Wijnaldum file, but he fully intends to complete that of Memphis Depay. The former OL find himself in the same configuration as his compatriot (free from any commitment and likely to yield to the highest bidder), but that does not seem to worry more than that the Blaugrana decision-makers.

According to El Mundo Deportivo, Barça’s board is certain to be able to get ahead of Juventus, Inter Milan and even PSG by getting their hands on the Dutch striker. They are optimistic, because the latter has not ceased to send them positive signals and to assure for several months that his only desire is to rally Catalonia. The future will tell us if their serenity was justified.

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