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“Barca, Real Madrid and Juventus think we are stupid”

Javier Tebas, the president of La Liga, returned to the episode of the Super League. He didn’t mince his words and sent some hellish messages to the creators of the competition. The Spaniard went far and took the opportunity to scratch Gianni Infantino.

Angry, the president of La Liga wanted to take a step back before speaking publicly on the Super League affair. Words that remain vehement against the 3 initiators of the project: FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Juventus Turin.

The statements made by the last 3 clubs in this project, which still maintain the unbearable, even if the ship is half sunk, and still give lessons on whether or not football will be ruined and the symbol of the ignorance of what is going on in professional football. We will not go and ruin M. Pérez, we will not go to ruin M. Laporta, we will not go to ruin M. Agnelli. […] Just because they’ve won more titles doesn’t mean they’re smarter. We must not hide. We should not be afraid to defend principles which are in great danger like meritocracy. The concept of the Super League is not dead. The economic stability of European football is in question. they think we are stupid, naive. They play with our naivety, with our silence. We are not naive in this battle. “

At the end of the statements, Javier Tebas attacked another giant that he considers to be just as guilty as the founders of the project: ” The danger is not only Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona but also the president of FIFA. There has been a coup d’état against European football. We only support what UEFA decides. “

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