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Barça must now “recruit” Messi

Since 00.01, Lionel Messi is already a player without a club. We take stock of its future.

FC Barcelona’s efforts to speed up negotiations to extend Messi before June 30 were unsuccessful and the Argentine’s contract expired.

So at the moment, for all intents and purposes, Messi is no longer a member of the Barca club. Although in recent days, many media have claimed that the renovation is closed and imminent, this has not happened. As Goal argued, the deal for Messi to continue as Barca’s player has yet to be made.

President Laporta claims he is “calm” but the fact that the best player in the world no longer has a contract with Barca continues to cause concern for the Catalans.

A complex contract, financially and fiscally

Formally speaking, Messi will no longer be able to extend. So now Barça will have to “sign” him. The parties continue to have a good predisposition to understand each other and contacts between Joan Laporta, Barcelona president, and Jorge Messi, father and crack agent, continue to be fluid, but the agreement is not final.

As Goal learned from sources familiar with the matter, the process is slower than usual as the proposals that are on the table are still being discussed and analyzed, in order to shape and structure a complex contract, with different contours, economic, fiscal and tax.

Another important issue in closing the deal is the player’s image rights, which also play a key role in the negotiation. The two sides hope to conclude the agreement in the near future. In the club’s opinion, Messi’s continuity at Camp Nou is taken for granted, but no one is able to assure a precise date for the closing of the agreement between the parties.

In addition, it is not excluded that the staging of the signing and the commitment may come to the end of the Copa América that Messi is playing in Brazil and which will end on July 11.

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Messi is the cornerstone of Barcelona’s project and the big claim to convincing other possible signings to arrive at Barcelona. However, with the player not having extended their contract, another scenario now opens. Barca will have to register Messi in La Liga as a new signing. And to be able to do so, he will have to find a creative formula to be able to bring the Argentine into the framework of the financial control of La Liga, which will not be flexible in the matter after last season, Barça had already exceeded the salary cost. limit.

La Liga president Javier Tebas has previously explained that although the Catalan club are making efforts to equalize their salary limit, there will be no exceptions: “The Barcelona president has said La Liga is reasonable, the rules are reasonable. They must be respected. “Consequently, Barça will have to refine a lot to be able to integrate Messi in the salary cost limit for the coming season, which some even predict lower than that of Atlético de Madrid.

Messi, focused on the Copa America

As Goal has learned, the Argentine star is calm, away from all the rumors about his future and focused on the Copa América, a competition that makes him particularly excited to finally be able to win with the Albiceleste.

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