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Barça have a new plan for Neymar!

FC Barcelona have not yet given up on the idea of ​​recruiting their former player, Neymar.

We thought the track abandoned but it is not. FC Barcelona still has the ambition to recover its former star Neymar. The Blaugrana would be willing to welcome the international auriverde back into their squad, but on one condition; the latter would have to land free at Nou Camp.

A comeback of Neymar planned for 2022?

Given the financial difficulties relating to the health crisis, it is out of the question for the people of Barcelona to ruin themselves and put on the table a hundred million euros (or more). Thus, they hope that their former protégé comes to the end of his engagement with the PSG to then offer him a lease.

This scenario, if it were to materialize, could only take place in 2022. It is only at this time that “Ney ”’s contract with Paris expires. He will then be thirty years old. As a reminder, the international Auriverde is in discussions with his Ile-de-France club for the extension of his lease, but there has not yet been significant progress in this direction. Last weekend, rumors emanating from Spain even suggested that the player would now be closer to an exit than a new deal with the champions of France. Case to follow.

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