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Barça dreams of Guardiola

Barça intend to do their utmost to bring back the prodigal son, Pep Guardiola.

The recently renewed FC Barcelona president, Joan Laporta, has yet to throw in the towel in his fight to keep Pep Guardiola away from Manchester City. Which to many Barca fans sounds more like an impossible dream, or just a doomed mission, but it’s a mission he’s ready to take on. AS has learned that Laporta’s intention is to contact the Premier League winners’ coach on Sunday to offer him a return to Camp Nou.

An impossible dream

The Barça boss would thus be in contact with Pep, but remains aware that Guardiola is 100 percent focused on the Champions League final against Chelsea which will take place on Saturday night in Portugal, and knows that it would be counterproductive to divert his attention with an official offer. Laporta has made it clear to some of his relatives that he believes he is able to convince Guardiola to return. However, it is possible, and more likely, that this agreement reached will not be for next season, but will be effective from the 2022/23 season. It is for this reason, according to reports from the Spanish channel TV3, that during the meeting with Ronald Koeman on Tuesday, the president was rather vague with his current coach, asking for a few weeks to make a decision on his future.

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