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Bad news for Barça in the Messi file

Barca, who are currently doing everything to extend Leo Messi, have received some bad news, according to Marca.

FC Barcelona would be far from being able to finally collect the necessary sum in order to be able to officially announce the extension of Lionel Messi’s contract.

The inflexible LFP in the Messi file

According to the Spanish sports daily Marca, the Catalan leaders are still far from it. They would even face an unexpected problem: the intransigence of the Spanish LFP in this affair.

Barcelona President Joan Laporta and his board of directors are trying to sell players and free up payroll in order to offer a pharaonic lease to “La Pulga”.

But despite their best efforts, they are still quite far from the mark. The financial gains generated by the club are also currently under the microscope of La Liga.

Experts from the Spanish LFP will then have to decide whether the work done so far complies with the regulations.

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“We want more flexibility from the league to be able to include more rookies,” Joan said on Monday, in what was a public plea in La Liga.

“Negotiations with Messi are well advanced, but we are resolving several issues on both sides.” However, he will not find such flexibility among the Iberian authorities …

Marca claim La Liga are not going to deviate a millimeter from their rules – which have been accepted and approved by all professional clubs – just to fix the mess left by the previous board at Barcelona. In addition, the European Superleague plans, to which Barça still adheres, do not improve the rating of Camp Nou residents with the LFP hierarchy.

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