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Argentine legend sends Messi to Paris

Leo Messi must absolutely leave Barça this summer according to a legend of the Argentine national team.

In remarks granted to the German press, Mario Kempes, former Argentinian international, affirms that Leo Messi must absolutely favor a departure from Barça, arguing that La Pulga will no longer manage to win trophies with the ambition reduced within the Catalan club. ” [Messi] should rally Pep Guardiola, go to PSG or Bayern Munich ”, Kempes told Sports Bild. “It’s the clubs that have the money or the players to be successful. “

“Messi must go”

“Bayern leaders think with their heads, not with their wallets and would never pay such a high salary,” Kempes nevertheless observes. “Messi is torn. He is very comfortable at Barcelona, ​​but realizes that the chances of winning the Champions League again with the club are low. In recent years it has always been eliminated very quickly and the club has great difficulty in building a new winning team due to the financial situation. “ It remains to be seen if Leonardo got wind of this interview …

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