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Another drop in wages at Real Madrid?

The process of lowering the wages of players and staff at Real Madrid is going well, according to Marca.

Real Madrid continue to make cuts in an attempt to deal with the financial difficulties caused by COVID-19.

Much has been said throughout the season about the proposed salary cut Los Blancos are trying to implement, believing the cut is necessary to keep themselves afloat, which has led to disagreements throughout the campaign. But according to information from the Iberian media, this salary reduction has now been implemented.

Directors and key executives have seen their revenues decline by 10%, as agreed in the face of the financial situation created by the global pandemic.

Real Madrid team and staff have negotiated their own deals after an overall pay cut figure was rejected, and they are all now aware of their own personal cuts. T

The club had to find 70 million euros to balance the books, but this measure made it possible to reach that figure.

As a reminder, UEFA could sanction the clubs behind the Super League project with exclusion from European competitions.

In the viewfinder, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin. A sanction that the president of the Spanish Liga Javier Tebas would appreciate.

“My personal opinion is that yes, the Champions League is ready to be played without Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus”, he explained, during the meeting of the Club Advisory Platform. “We will not defend any Spaniard who would be sanctioned”

“The Champions League has been going well without Manchester United for five years. Milan have also been kicked out of European competitions and the competition has continued to live on. They are not indispensable in Europe. Of course we would like them to play it, but the facts are the facts and UEFA will have to act, “he insisted.

In short, Real’s economic situation is unlikely to improve.

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