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Anigo’s radical solution for Sampaoli

José Anigo knows OM well and judged the arrival of Jorge Sampaoli and the changes made by the Argentine coach.

In the general opinion, the arrival of Jorge Sampaoli has done good for OM. Players, press and various observers agree that the arrival of the Argentine coach has had a positive impact on the game of the Marseille club. A dissonant voice rises among this concert of praise and it is that of a figure of OM. José Anigo believes that nothing has changed under the aegis of the new Marseille coach and also has very radical advice for him.

For Anigo, Sampaoli must change players

“I don’t want to absolutely criticize and talk nonsense. I see like everyone else that OM, even now with him, it does not play better, estimated the one who was kicked out by supporters when taking up his post at MC Algiers. But on the other hand, maybe with a new transfer window and other players, he will manage to make the team play as he wants. “

“I’m not going to criticize, I’m just waiting to see, because it’s starting. I want to give people the chance, there he happens during the season with players that he has not necessarily chosen. Let him do his transfer window, then everyone will see and everyone will have their own opinion, ”added Anigo on the set of the Super Moscato Show.

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