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Anelka case – Mbappé, the tone is rising

In the Mbappé affair, Nicolas Anelka wanted to clarify his position, he who was very annoyed.

“If you want the highest honors, you will have to leave PSG sooner or later,” says Nicolas Anelka. Whatever you do well in Paris, someone will always say, ‘OK, you were good with PSG, but it was only France. »These few words released to The Athletic by Nicolas Anelka had the effect of a bomb and some did not hesitate to believe that Anelka was advising Mbappé to leave Paris as soon as possible. This was obviously not the intention of the former Arsenal star… The latter confides on Instagram that his message has been distorted and takes the opportunity to push a big rant, the whole affair having considerably irritated him.

“I have a phone, if I want to talk to Mbappé”

“From ‘one day he will have to measure himself against others in another championship’, it has become ‘he must leave PSG at the end of his contract in 2022’, annoys the former player of Real Madrid. If I have to speak to Kylian directly, I have a phone! I have no advice for Kylian… He’s old enough to know what to do, I just answered the journalist’s questions and used the 3rd person! Donc me, Nicolas Anelka, am I going to write an open letter to a player?“, Anelka said.

“One day, he will leave to face the best, still slips the former Parisian. But don’t put a date in my place! In this interview, my opinion was transformed into advice. I said a few weeks ago that he did not have to leave Paris to win the Champions League, which is not to say the opposite today. Next time, I’ll send him a postcard too! “

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