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Ancelotti, his plan against injury at Real

Real Madrid’s new boss has a foolproof plan to reduce injuries at club merengue.

New Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti is wasting no time planning the season ahead and he has made some physical changes with conditioning coach Antonio Pintus in Sardinia.

Pre-season training for Los Blancos will begin on July 5 and players can expect to see their preparation workload doubled as the coaching staff look to improve performance and reduce injuries, which was an Achilles heel for the team in 2020/21

The basic principle of the plan is simple. The idea is that more preparatory work equals better performance in the field and less time in the treatment room. The goal, according to an indiscretion from Marca, is to get the most out of every player ahead of a season where, as always, the club will have to work on all fronts.

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This is especially important for 2021/22 as, due to the economic situation, few player changes are expected.

Therefore, improvement must come by making the most of the resources already available. The Spanish press says the plan will be demanding and leave no room for apologies or complacency.

Each player will have to realize their potential as an athlete. As usual, players will have individualized plans, but the expectations and the workload will be high for everyone. Neither status nor reputation will excuse a player for not meeting the new, higher demands. There is even talk of daily checks for each element.

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