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An unwanted person explains his departure!

In Marseille, unwanted players are legion for a possible departure at the end of the season. Leaving the club, a player explains the reasons for his departure.

Jorge Sampaoli and Pablo Longoria are starting a lot of work to build a competitive team, next season. They first want to separate from elements of the workforce that are no longer in the plans of the club. Players like Mickaël Cuisance, Saïf Eddine Khaoui, Valère Germain and Christopher Rocchia are pushed towards the exit. At the end of the last match of the season against Metz (1-1), a defender, no longer having the confidence of the coach, decided to leave the club. The Japanese Hiroki Sakai gave the reasons for his departure from OM.

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Hiroki Sakai was no longer able to assume his responsibilities at OM

In the columns of Provence, the player is lucid and honest about his declining level of play at OM. Sakai admitted that he no longer brought to help the team despite his energy expenditure in the Olympian jersey. ” To be honest, I wanted to continue playing here for as long as possible. But as a foreign player using the foreign quota, I have set myself a goal of serving the club well for every game, for every season, said the player. This year, I have participated in a lot of games. But I wondered if I had helped the club. And that’s the reason why I decided to leave. I consider that I must take my responsibility towards the club. I had decided to leave if I couldn’t take on this responsibility », Declared with full frankness.

Arrived in the summer of 2016, Hiroki Sakai participated in 184 matches under the tunic of OM. He marked his time at the club during the good European course during the Europa League in 2018.

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