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Aguero, his desperate appeal to Messi

Newly arrived at Barça, Sergio Aguero hopes that his great friend Leo Messi will stay in Catalonia.

No one was happier than Sergio Aguero on Monday night, having finally fulfilled his childhood dream of joining FC Barcelona and admitting in passing that he now hoped to play alongside one of his closest friends, a certain Lionel Messi. Aguero made a free transfer from Manchester City on Monday and became Barcelona’s first signing in the 2021/22 summer transfer window.

“I hope Messi will stay”

“We hope to be together,” said the former Manchester City player during his presentation on Monday night. But we’ve been negotiating with (the president, Joan) Laporta for a long time. What happens with Leo are decisions he will make with the club. It would be a pleasure and pride if we played together. I have known him from the youth selections. I always thought Barca were the best club in the world for Messi. I hope we can play together at Barça. I think Leo will stay.

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