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‘Age is a burden on everyone’ – Capello understands Real for Ramos

The former Real Madrid coach believes the Spanish club made the right choice in parting with an admittedly legendary but aging defender.

The departure of Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid came as no big surprise for Fabio Capello, with the former Madrid boss stressing that “age is a burden on everyone” as the iconic 35-year-old stands prepares for a new challenge. Free, the 2010 World Cup winner was not extended.

Questions have been asked as to whether Real made the right decision, but Fabio Capello believes everyone involved made the right choice as Sergio Ramos needs to be guaranteed consistent playing time in the later stages of a distinguished career. Which could not be the case in Madrid.

“Age is a burden on everyone”

Fabio Capello, who worked with Sergio Ramos at Real in 2006-07, told AS: “Age is a burden on everyone. I don’t know if he was going to start. I’m talking about a player who was very important to me. And I also helped him a lot. signed my second contract, he just arrived. It was fundamental in the triumphs of the team, it is undeniable. But maybe at 35 years old, it is not the moment to ask much ” . An implacable observation, while Real wants to reinvent itself.

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The Spanish club are looking to refresh what has become an aging squad, while putting their trust in experienced players. Luka Modric – who has signed a new contract – Toni Kroos and Casemiro fall into this category. Good news according to Fabio Capello, who is a big fan of this trio.

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“Today Madrid have the best midfielder in Europe. They are the engine of the team. Surely the three will not be able to play all the games to the fullest, they will need breaks, but I think that Madrid have a good team, yes. They have quality, experience. To win you also need a defense and more, but the midfielder is the main thing. I saw Modric play against the English the other day and he’s on another level. Kroos is also on another level. Casemiro… They are not children, that’s true, but for a year they can do good things and that ‘ is why I believe so much in (Carlo) Ancelotti ” , he added, confident.

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