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Abject, Laporta lied on the back of PSG!

Joan Laporta had explained that Georginio Wijnaldum had chosen Paris Saint-Germain following the Parisian offer, including a salary doubled compared to that of Barça. A totally wrong version according to The Independent.

“We had stopped on a player, we worked for him to come, and to arrive a club which pays the double and which takes it. The player, especially compared to his age (30 years), looks more at the salary than the fact of being in a club that can win “. These words signed Joan Laporta for the daily La Vanguardia did not go unnoticed. “A player escaped us last week. There are club states that can have any player. They just have to want it, ”had thundered the president of Barça, following the outcome of the Wijnaldum case, after the Dutch international opted for Paris Saint-Germain.

Laporta customary of the fact: a demagogic posture for socios

In fact, the version of Joan Laporta would not be proven, if we trust the indiscretions of the very credible The Independent. The English media explained on Tuesday that the Catalan leader would have voluntarily adopted this demagogic posture to “save face” with the socios. The Independent also specifies that the words of Laporta that the salary of Winaldum are “completely false”. The delta between this statement and reality certainly does not go from the simple to the double …

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