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A former very happy to have left the club

Left OM last summer, Maxime Lopez admits to living “a resurrection” since his arrival in Sassuolo, where he won in the midfield.

Trained at OM and promised a good progression within the Marseille club, Maxime Lopez finally took the direction of Italy to commit to Sassuolo during the last summer transfer window. The 23-year-old midfielder quickly established himself in the midfield of the Serie A club (33 games played) and does not regret having left Marseille.

Lopez is progressing better than OM

It’s kind of a resurrection. I’m young but in Marseille, I didn’t play at all, I was starting to slip into oblivion (…) I’m very happy with my season individually. I find that I progressed on the defensive side, he explained to the media Maritima. Before, I had a tendency to want to go everywhere on the ground, go right to left, and now I’ve been taught that instead of doing ten meters to the right, for example, I stay there to be able to recover the ball. I recover a lot more than in Marseille and I defend better. I tended to make a lot of mistakes, but I do a lot less, ”admitted the young midfielder.

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